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CSI: Santa Rosa Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hedwig flew this onto my desk this morning:
I am a Police Detective assigned to the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force [NC3TF] in Napa, CA. Our task force covers 13 counties in Northern California (including Sonoma!) and provides computer and cell phone forensic analysis services to local law enforcement agencies. Our first iPhone came into the office last week as part of a murder investigation. The suspect used his iPhone to send and receive text messages before and after the crime and the information became critical to the investigation. We were able to obtain much of the phone’s data by parsing the backup files created when syncing the phone with iTunes. The problem became how to “translate” the information into a format that could be understood by non-technical investigators.

That is when we found your software. Syphone was able to quickly and accurately display the SMS messages in a format that will undoubtedly be understood by the officers, attorneys and more importantly, the jury.
So friggin' cool.

I may have written a big chunk of a gaming platform that millions use every day, but this is one of the coolest uses for software penned by my hand that I think I'll ever hear of. A murder nonetheless: damn son!

(Note: emphasis and hyperlinks added to quoted text.)